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Dubzaron Session 84: Tuck Duels the Frost Giant King (how mass combat campaigns impact your sessions)


Spent 1 day in Turos Erin doing Scrying with Gaius's crystal ball. Traveled hills for 4 days. Need 1 day rest. Can take actions again 12/13/22. 

Note: Session 83 was DMed a week previously by a different DM because I couldn't play that night. Maybe he provide session report on his site?

Participating PCs

Billy (L6 Explorer, Lawful)[E]

Edelweiss (L5 Mage Magical Scholar, Neutral)[E]

Gront Coldsky (L5 Barbarian Housecarl, Neutral)[E]

Tuck Dragonbane (L3 Barbarian Pit Fighter, Neutral)[E]


Edelweiss: Davien Cruise (L2 Dwarven Machinist, Neutral)


During downtime some month or so back some weird reports started coming up from the southern border. Turos Erin was pillaged by Goblin Warg riders and Orc Boar riders on or around 11/14/22 . 
Despite the odds being against him Legate Lammirio the Pure (NPC) took to the field with his garrison to run the beastmen off. He's reported the beastmen were led by a sorceress on a skeletal horse. The Aurans were outmatched in numbers but hit above their weight thanks to their fantastic officer structure. Unfortunately all units fell except for the Heavy Infantry the Legate was attached to. Lammario had sent word via dove to his most local Legates in Turos Telle and Turos Drav before he himself took the field. The Legate escaped back into the keep to defend the walls and the peasants who had fled inside.

The sorceress seemed most interested in prisoners, focusing the pillaging efforts and taking them. Also she used foul necromancies to raise the dead Turos Erin regulars to harry the villages, the keep and local farms, giving her a distraction as the pillaging commenced. The zombie menace keeled over itself, dead a second time, after about a day.

Just as the beastmen and their sorceress leader were finishing their pillaging, Legate Aurius the Bold from Turos Telle (NPC) arrived with all the cavalry he could spare to quickly help Turos Erin. Sadly it was not enough and his forces were decimated and he himself captured. 

This is the backstory thing that my campaign has been moving around since about the middle of November 2022. Multiple Patrons and PCs have been marching themselves and their armies down to the southern border to be apart of whatever is happening. Some of it may be out of fear of the southern border falling to fel powers. Some of it may be for the treasure and glory they'll gain should they be part of destroying an evil host. 

The PCs that played in Session 84 were hoping to get a fraction of the glory by scouting and being able to bring back some info about the evil army and its movements to Legate Gaius (Patron) who decided to lead the forces of Law.

Session Report

The party started out of Turos Erin but we had to retcon back a few days to 12/05/22 where Edelweiss did in fact say she was using Gaius's crystal ball (???) to Scry for the "sorceress". I didn't get around to this in downtime but the PC had timestamped the intention to scry so I allowed it to be done in the past.

Edelweiss scryed on Legate Aurius the Bold who was last seen carried off as a prisoner of the evil monster host. I was able to use my fancy house rules about scrying since ACKS states that how well you know know the object or person will give you a better image or it be murky or something. I use the teleportation percentage rules for that. So someone (maybe Gaius who perhaps met the guy at some official function) told Edeleweiss what the Legate looked like. She scryed and did successfully get a clear image of him. As a pile of ash. He's dead.

Around this pile of ash were mountains Edelweiss didn't recognize and also some strange dark tower some few hundred yards away. She studied the tower then used the crystal ball again (can be done 3/day) to scry closer to the tower itself. Studying the dark stone there were carvings of skulls, skeletons, birds and the like. One such carving of a skull started to generate purple light and Edelweiss fell down in a seizure and began to shake. She failed a Save VS Death and was fading away to the afterlife when she used her Fate Point to get a second Save VS Death saving throw, making it. Needless to say she didn't scry the Tower again.

We moved the clock ahead to the present day of 12/07/22 in Turos Erin where the party met with Gaius and he told them they could use any of the troops he brought to Turos Erin to hunt down the sorceress. He was going to spend the day getting ready to depart and handle the military campaign in downtime. But perhaps the PCs could do some scouting into the hills to the south everyone believed she might be hiding. 

Billy and Tuck and Davien did some rumormongering and found 1 rumor but it wasn't enough to get a good concept about this sorceress lady or her army and they just heard the same stuff that was in the downtime story about it above that she came to Turos Erin about 2 weeks back. The only new info the PCs got is the evil army focused on taking youngling prisoners (Dubzaron is R rated).

Edelweiss spent 12/07/22 trying to scry the pile of ashes and look up at the sky to determine the location of the ashes (and thus tower) by using her Astronomy skill. Despite 3 tries this never panned out and the PCs had no further info where this evil tower might be.

On 12/08/22 they left in the morning with 4 Platoons of Horse Archers and 4 Platoons of Light Cavalry, taking off into the hills. Cavalry platoons in ACKS are 15 cavalrymen each. Infantry Platoons are 30 men each. 

Their initial goal was to return to a place in the mountains where some PCs had been left petrified after tangling with basilisks. But they quickly became sidetracked when their forward scouts reported seeing an Orc warband which was trying to evade them. Billy tracked the warband and the PCs and their troops chased them down. They easily dispatched the orcs and took a prisoner who didn't know much about the sorceress except she was "to the east". The party then trekked easterward. They picked a hex that seemed as likely as any to have the tower and started Lair Hunting there. 

The first lair they came across some hours later was a ruin of the Overlook Hotel from "The Shining". Inside the broken windows and such they could see statues of characters from the film during various iconic scenes. Spooky! Jack Nicholson was sitting at a typewriter which, just under its table, had a trapdoor leading into a dungeon of sorts.

Billy and the Barbarians were ready to go down the place but Edelweiss thought it wasn't a great idea. They instead tried a couple schemes to try and get whatever monster was under there to come out to THEM so they could use their cavalry in a battle. One plan was to "do like in the blood gulch level in halo and ride the cavalry around the place in circles and snipe whoever popped their head out to look". This didn't work. No one popped their head up. Then they dropped a flaming oil into the trapdoor and ran. No one came out. Time to delve! Edelweiss doth protest muchly.

The party lowered down into the trapdoor beneath Jack's psycho break typewriter since they had burned up the wooden ladder leading down into it with their military oil gambit. Below they found a wine cellar with most of the bottles and shelves all burned up and destroyed. No apparent exits so the party searched for secret doors, finding one on the west wall and one on the south. Sliding the stone painted slot aside on the western secret door they came to a small 10x10 closet with fancy expensive wine hidden away for when Jack really wants to throw down, I suppose. (Note to self, I need to put the actual Overlook into a future session rather than a ruin of it.) 

There was a door on the south wall which the party passed through into a long hallway. On the western wall a door opened into the boiler room Wendy was always messing around in while Jack would stare menacingly at the camera. The party kept moving down the hallway as Edelweiss nagged about how this delve was a bad idea, pointing out the Return On Investment of a delve VS them lair smashing. The men rolled their eyes but decided to check just one more door before giving in and going topside. This door was another hallway that went off beyond their light so they said "yes dear" and went back to the wine cellar and their rope to climb out. 

But 3 Medusae were standing there ready for them, apparently having come through the secret door they hadn't checked! Billy slammed the door and pushed everyone back into the long hallway near the boiler room. We made some dungeon chase checks since the Party's plan was to back get all the way to the other end of the hallway and drop a fireball into the small closet when the medusae opened the door. Billy (IIRC) tripped on a doorframe due to failing his Save VS Paralysis for dungeon chasing through doors and around 90 degree turns so he may have been in the line of fire for the fireball drop!

Billy was singed by the fireball flames licking down the hall but wasn't quite close enough to take damage. This was a nice break and this situation and this session showed the advantage of having a fast moving party. This group didn't have any heavy armor wearers clanking around so when they said they'd run for it to regroup it was very feasible. The medusae would have had more movement than your average Plate mail and sword and board fighter so getting enough distance from them for a fireball drop wouldn't have worked in such a situation. Even Billy falling down was something he could recover from since he still had movement enough to burn and was able to get about 10' away from the fireball, despite mine having it push further into the hallway due to its volume having no where to go on the west and north sides of the explosion due to there being no doorways there for it to expand into. 

Two of the three medusae died to the fireball and all the martial PCs and the Dwarven machinist henchman met the last medusa halfway to attack with melee weapons with their eyes closed. I used the rule I remember from 3e where you attack at -4 doing this AND, if you hit, there's a 50% chance you were swinging at nothing. (Note to Self: a natural 1 should mean you accidentally opened your eyes and must save vs paral at the gaze). This made the last medusa much harder to finish off, despite having only like 5 hit points left. These big bruisers had their eyes closed and were smacking blades and spear at the wall as the medusa's snake hair tried to bite them to no avail. Davien the dwarven machinist henchman of Edelweiss's was the first one in the mix and he didn't close his eyes to attack; either because the player didn't think of it or he wanted Davien to have a better shot at connecting. Either way, the dwarf failed his save and he turned into a statue like most of "the shining" statues littering the ruins. Otherwise, the PCs soon downed the snake haired lady.

The Party looted the mini dungeon beneath the ruins of the Overlook hotel which ended up being a decent score, particularly a scroll Edelweiss found which had a high level spell on it. Now that I'm using my ACKSy version of the 1e rule that arcane scrolls only give XP to the Arcane caster who claims it in session, this was a decent XP bump for the Mage. 

The party went back topside and strapped the dwarf statue to some horses or something and kept searching the wilderness for Lairs and the sorceress backstory bad guy. This aspect of the session was kind of starting to fall into the background as players were engaging in the other things they were finding, especially the Frost Giant Lair they soon came across. I tried to be cagey with my description that the place looked like the emerald city from "wizard of oz" made of green ice. But they quickly grokked "this must be frost giants" and approached the place for parley and to study it's walls for a possible mass combat assault.

The effectiveness of mass combat would have slightly favored the party but not as much as it might when we started deep diving the ACKS "Domains at War" rules wherein cavalry unit effectiveness drops by 3/4ths when assaulting walls! I'm going to emphasize this for downtime play as I had forgotten about it and it seems possible some Patrons and PCs were not aware or had also forgotten. I believe this makes for an interesting player agency decision since cavalry move so quickly and are so powerful in the open field, but dealing with monsters hiding behind walls or in a cave on a cliffside, are going to be less effective. 

The frost giants, despite all this and their massive pack of like 40 dire wolves, weren't too high on the idea of going up against like 7 platoons of cavalry. I used the old OD&D rule, from memory, of there being a 1 in 6 chance a random "keep" Pcs coming across having the Lord demand a duel or joust. Made the roll and it came up 1.

The frost giant lord had apparently heard of Tuck the Barbarian with the Gladiator template from his old gladiatorial days and some beastmen and giants keep up with the WGE and gladiator bouts due to Vince McMaximus highlighting beastmen talent(tm) for his sports entertainment endeavor. He wanted to fight Tuck 1v1. The chances of Tuck surviving this were slim and none since he was only level 3. But the Story was too good, perhaps, or maybe Tuck knew his Class Grade would be in the dumps if he said "no". He agreed! 

The bet was for the giants to clear out of the Emerald Keep and give it to Tuck and half their treasure. The PCs wagered Billy's ooze launcher which we analyzed for its cost and it was expensive and interesting enough for me to declare the giants considering it a fair bet. The other PCs went about outitting Tuck with magic armor/weapons as best they could and gave him a Growth potion. The argued to the giants that Tuck was half giant and grew to great heights at Twilight (which it happened to be at that moment) and they seemed convinced. I made Reaction checks for each buff or item the folks gave Tuck to determine if the Giants considered it unfair and decided they'd just go to war instead (or maybe the Giant Lord would go charging at a soft target like Edelweiss since the PCs let him in close by this time...)

The dice were in the Party's favor and the Giants never got angry. The Giant Lord, who we had since named Gale Force (or Gale, very manly) himself was wielding The Axe of Gale Force(!!!) which, when it hit Tuck the first time tried to freeze him in place. The 1v1 bout hit fast and Tuck took one massive hit from the axe, leaving him at 1 hit point, and making ice start to creep up around his chest and body. He shook off the magic effect with a Save Vs Paralysis and but his own smack on Gale as the two giant men stomped around the snow with both sides cheering on their champion!

Gale couldn't get a second hit to connect on Tuck as the barbarian slowly chipped away at Gales hp with solid damage from having Growth cast on him (the effect gives double damage) but Gale had a ton of hit points, apparently. The dice decided to reward the PCs and Tuck's boldness wherein I rolled a 1 on an attack then, the following round, I rolled 2d6 with snake eyes to determine Gale's morale if he would forfeit the match rather than be killed. Despite Tuck standing there with 1 HP and Gale having about a 70% chance of hitting him on his next attack, he called mercy and laid his magic axe down for Tuck and indicated his 3 other Frost Giant brothers and their pack of dire wolves to exit the Emerald Keep. They left half of their treasure inside as promised. The party asked the Giants about the sorceress and they stated she was eastward and over the river. Quite a bit further in that direction than the PCs had been searching so far.

The players knew, thanks to their land surveyor they brought alone, that there were 3 Lairs in this hex so one was left. They kept searching the next day until finding a Stirges lair and quickly destroyed it with their army. It didn't have walls or anything to keep the cavalry from running down the little ratbird things. There was a decent amount of treasure in the place and the party grabbed it up to go back to Turos Erin and cash out. Along the way they had a random encounter which was a Dwarf Lair and the reaction check I rolled was pretty bad. The dwarves had apparently seen the petrified dwarven machinist the PCs were carrying and figured the PCs must have done it to him! They were quite angry and had gathered their warriors to attack the party. General Edelweiss did some contemplation of the Party's chances to win and it seemed they probably would win but maybe lose all of Gaius's borrowed Cavalry and maybe some PCs would get got as well. They decided to Parley and were able to convince the dwarves they weren't' the bad guys. 

By the end of this day the party was home back in Turos Erin and they cashed out with a decent score of xp.

Class Grading Thoughts

Best to worst grades: E, S, F, P

Everyone was mostly on their game by the end of the session. I was a bit skeptical they could come up with great grades since alot of our wilderness crawl sessions with army units tend to get them (and me) in the weeds of unit management and the RP sometimes gets a bit forgotten. 

Billy achieved E since he was bold in the medusa fight and wanting to explore the place in the first place as he figured it could be used for his domain keep one day if he were to clear it out now. Despite mage gal nagging he kept at it. Additionally he was very on his game with the wilderness stuff, always remembering to us Tracking and the wilderness itself in his favor. Good stuff for an Explorer which is like ACKS ranger class. So E.  

Edelweiss achieved E by being cautious (as mages should be as per Gygax grading) and for not holding back on using spells. 

Gront achieved E for boldly going in to melee attack the medusa (not holding back from fear of petrification) and for commanding men. The latter of which aligns with how he and I have discussed the "Housecarl" template which is a guy who would want and expect to have servants and men obeying him. 

Tuck achieved an E for obvious reasons. He boldly ran into fight the medusa just like Gront and he boldly agreed to duel a frost giant that, by all rights, should have squished him to mush. The duel itself being extremely memorable and something one could see Conan doing.

DM Self Grade! 

Best to worst grades: A, B, C, D, F

I was happy with the ideas and images I was able to come up with from the random results of the hex crawling. While "ruins of the overlook" was Billy's idea I feel like I ran with it quite well and gave some nice images on what everyone saw there, including statues of "the shining" characters from various iconic scenes. I think the place probably spooked the players although they did work out there was probably a petrification creature or creatures there from seeing the statues. I did forget, however, that most Treasure found in lairs of petrifying creatures should be frozen in the statues themselves. So they shouldn't have easily been able to grab up all of the "Lair Treasure" of the medusae since it should have been stoned out in Stone Jack's pocket or inside Statue Wendy's jacket or something. Also during this session I decided that just grabbing up the petrified statue of your pal and carrying him 40 miles home to get "Stone to Flesh" cast on him in town isn't it. I didn't stop the PCs from doing it but this is the 2nd or 3rd time this type of thing has happened. I think it makes the medusa and basilisk special attack not as devastating if it's just a matter of "well my friend is made of stone I guess that will cost me some money when I carry him back to town and find a Cleric to cast Stone to Flesh". I debated with the Players the next day that it's possible to get their statue pals back home but the statue could take some damage during the travel. Mine argument being that IRL you transport statues in special Fragile this side up type packaging, which players wouldn't have. I made some house rules about this where there a chance from breaks or cracks in the statue which align to how rough the terrain is. Pretty happy with the rules for next time this comes up. 

Lastly I need to start reading some more pulp fantasy since most of my ideas are coming from film these days. That's fine but DND is a pulp fantasy generator not film school improv game.

DM Grade: C


Dama (L1 Venturer) played by RR.  Current total xp: 75. DECEASED. Poison gas in Session 3.

Darius LeVay (L1 Assassin) played by JB. Current Total XP:451. DECEASED. Poison gas in Session 3.

Donald the Guardsman (L1 Fighter) played by MP. Current Total XP:570. DECEASED. Intra-party justice in Session 3.

Felix (L1 Thief) played by Nicholas. Current Total XP:431. DECEASED. Poison gas in Session 3.

Hektor (L1 Paladin) played by Moai. DECEASED. Cause of Death: goblin warg rider throat removal surgery in Session 2

Leonidas the Inquisitor (L1 Cleric) played by RR.Current Total XP:498  DECEASED. Frozen undead blistering cold aura left his skin frostbitten and broken in Session 6. Body not recovered.

Mard the Mage (L1 Mage) played by Nicholas. DECEASED. Frozen undead blistering cold aura left his skin frostbitten and broken in Session 6. Body not recovered.

Yolo Baggins "My friends call me Swaggins" (L1 Gnomish Trickster) played by J. DECEASED. Paralyzed and eaten by ghouls in Session 12. Body not recovered.

Jack Filcher (L1 Thief) played by C. DECEASED. Shot full of arrows by Inthorn's brigands in Session 12. Body not recovered.

Swoleous Maximus (L1 Paladin). DECEASED. Captured then drawn and quartered by Inthorn the Brigand warlord in Session 12. Posthumously named "Petty Hero of Turos Tem" by Legate Valerian. Ashes offered a place of pride in the Hospital.

Damianus (L1 Cleric). DECEASED. Captured and beheaded by Inthorn the Brigand warlord in Session 12. Posthumously named "Petty Hero of Turos Tem" by Legate Valerian. Ashes offered a place of pride in the Hospital.

Bucky (L1 Barbarian). DECEASED. Became a illegal pit fighter during his downtime. Had two bouts to the death, winning the first and losing the second. Was killed by Young Jack Sparrow who sashayed into the ring, drank rum, and mogged on Bucky before putting a dagger into his ribs, killing him. This happened during downtime between Session 17 and 18.

Broll Wolf-Eater (L1 Barbarian). Current total XP: 1079. DECEASED. Carried off by harpies after falling for their enchanting song in Session 19.

Brother Franklin (L1 Cleric). DECEASED. Decapitated by a mad cultist of a Lovecraftian slime thing in Session 19.

Felix the Elder (L1 Bard). Total XP 825. DECEASED. Captured by mad cultists and fed to a Lovecraftian slime monster in Session 19.

Templar Flavius Africanus (L1 Cleric). Total XP 7. Killed by the claws and beak of mad harpies in Session 19.

Xendi (L1 Explorer). Total XP 6. DECEASED. Carried off by harpies after falling for their enchanting song in Session 19.

Yllmeeton (L3 Shaman). Total XP 4,563. Bludgeoned by the corpse of a bowmen by Rosie Odonnel hag in Session 21.

Longinus (L2 Assassin). Total XP 2,036. Had his face ripped off by Rosie Odonnel hag in Session 21.

Mandonio (L3 Fighter). Total XP 4,779. Charred to a leprous crisp by diseased Dragon breath in Session 22.

Corydon (L1 Joker). Total XP: 0. Burnt to a crisp by chimera breath so thoroughly his corpse wasn't even fit for the crows. Died with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. that's life and as funny as it seems... some people get their kicks, stomping on a dream... In Session 25.

Donny Keebler (L1 Elven Spellsword). Total XP 2,238. Had his legs burned completely off by chimera fire breath in Session 25.

Marina (L2 Fighter). Total XP: 2,204. Burnt into ash by a chimera fire breath in Session 25.

Gundro (L2 Gnomish Trickster). Total XP: 2,575. Had his mouth and tongue bitten off by a lizardman ambusher in the dank sewers below Cyfaraun in Session 26.

Polydoros (L1 Fighter). Total XP: 0. Had his legs ripped off and eaten by Akira monsters in the dark canopy of the Viaspen Forest in Session 28.

Odrum (L1 Explorer). Total XP: 287. Javelin to the heart from the hands of weird vine goblins hidden in the walls of Ferigno's lair in Session 30.

Garvin the Nutless Wonder (L1 Mage). Total XP: 0. Fell off the side of Ferigno's lair 20 feet to his death in Session 30.

Blackmoon (L1 Assassin). Total XP: 768. Choked to death by BOB from Twin Peaks while stealing treasure from Ferigno's dragon horde in Session 30.

Xanthus (L2 Cleric). Total XP: 2,364. Choked to death by BOB from Twin Peaks while hanging out on the roof of Ferigno's lair in Session 30.

Lord Zyklon (L1 Elven Spellsword). Total XP: 0. LORD ZYKLON DISEMBOWLED LORD ZYKLON upon finding himself on the losing side of the Desolation of Turos Tem.

Turin (L1 Cleric). Total XP: 0. Eaten by Wargs in Session 32.

Rat Face (L2 Thief) Total XP: 1,577. Seemingly grabbed in the dark by a Xenomorph in Session 36. In a sinkhole your party can hear you scream! 

Smarticus (L1 Mage) Total XP: 0. Captured by a Xenomorph in Session 36 for all the party to witness. Taken deep into a sinkhole.

Hearticus (L1 Cleric) Total XP: 0. Gored to death by giant horned beetles in Session 39 after projectile vomiting all over himself from the stink of sewer sludge.

Mickey Mouser (L1 Thief) Total XP: 0. Gored to death by giant horned beetles in Session 39 in the happiest place on earth: the Cyfaraun sewer!

Aenes (Level 1 Paladin) Total XP: 62. Swarmed by giant flies in the sewer beneath Cyfaraun in Session 40.

Acianus (Level 1 Mage) Total XP: 0. Chopped to pieces in Session 42 by a six armed demon statue from behind and quickly forgotten about by his compatriots who saved MadEye and lamented Hardar instead. But I'll never forget you Acinanu nanu...nanite... nananaa...

Hardar (Level 2 Mage) Total XP: 2,832. Chopped up in Session 42 by a six armed demon statue as he held his Darth Vader Choking Grip spell long enough for his compatriots to escape an unwinnable battle. His dream to become the most evil being in the universe suffers eternally the indignity of being remembered for self sacrifice and laying his life down for his friends.

Nubbs (Level 3 Thief) Total XP: 4,017. Swarmed by scarabs which bored into his ears and brain in Session 45.

Grummz (Level 1 Dwarven Vaultgard) Total XP: 0. Ripped limb from limb by a throng of skeletons and their undead golem leaders in Session 46.

Grommzs (Level 1 Dwarven Vaultguard) Total XP: 2,168. Torn to bits and eaten by trolls in session 48

Rapunzel (Level 4 Priestess) Total XP: 11,540. Torn to bits and eaten by trolls in Session 48.

Schizo (Level 1 Mage): Total XP: 0. Frozen to death by an assassin's guild ruffian bard wielding a Wand of Cold in session 54.

Marteen (Level 1 Thief): Total XP: 0. Fell to his death in Lamalla's Temple upon a pile of dragon horde gold. Corpse eaten by Sheila the Beautiful, an Ancient Blue Dragon in session 56.

Ambrose (Level 2 Cleric): Total XP: idk. Strangled to death by cursed octopi in a canoe on Lake Laman claiming the Sinister Stone of Sakkara for Law and eventual destruction in session 63.

Traiticus (Level 9 Fighter): Total XP: alot. Head split in half by Froggo's bronze magic "Fren Axe" during Operation Muscle Thunder on 08/09/22.

Alina (Level 7 Mage). Cut in half at her belt line by Froggo's bronze magic "Fren Axe" during Operation Muscle Thunder on 08/09/22.

Olgar McKenzie (Level 5ish Barbarian). Soul eaten by Stormbringer wielded by the Manson the mad assassin during Operation Muscle Thunder on 08/09/22.

Celeste (Level 7ish Witch). Soul eaten by Stormbringer wielded by the Manson the mad assassin during Operation Muscle Thunder on 08/09/22. Said Ancient Soul caused a backfire effect and blasted Manson's face off leaving him dead in the sea foam.

Allen A'Dulles (Level 1 Bard): Petrified by a basilisk in the Meniri Mountains in Session 66.

Cyfaraun (Level 1 Elven Spellsword): Eaten by basilisks in the Meniri Mountains in Session 66.

Tamryn (Level 1 Elven Spellsword):  Petrified by a basilisk in the Meniri Mountains in Session 66

Allen the Bard (Level 1 Bard): Petrified by a basilisk in the Meniri Mountains in Session 66.

UnNamed Venturer (Level 1 Venturer): Killed by astral demons and sucked into the vacuum of spacetime in Session 66.

Major Garland Briggs (Level 1 Explorer): Killed by the crossbow bolt of an angry thracian in a dormant (?) volcano dungeon called Queens Rest Mountain. Then his body was eaten by giant chameleons as the rest of the party made their escape in Session 73.

Autumn Leaves (Level 1 Elven Spellsword): Died to lizardman crossbow bolts to the tears of her adventuring compatriots who tried to revive her after absconding with her corpse just outside Queens Rest Mountain in Session 73.

Xanthos (Level 6 Cleric): Cut down by a flaming blade by a very powerful thracian lizardman below Queens Rest Mountain in Session 74. Ressurected about two weeks later.

Stormin' Norman (Level 1 Gnomish Trickster): Captured by the lizardman tribe below Queens Rest Mountain whilst trying to use illusionist tricks to steal a magic spear. Was subsequently fed to their Giant Chameleons for being an annoying gnome in Session 74.

Kortes (Level 5ish Explorer): Captured and pickled by Blind Pew and the 4 purple dragons of Muppetlantis sometime during downtime in late October or early November.

Alexa this is so sad play "Main Title (The Shining)" from "The Shining" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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