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Dubzaron Session 154: Dancing with Darkness

Session 154: Dancing with Darkness 

Time: 05/22/2024. Rest 05/23/2024. Can take actions 05/24/2024

Einar: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral. 
George (of the Jungle): L5 Beastmaster, Lawful. 
Kyrandis L2 Wonder-Worker, Wrath-Bringer, Lawful.
Rory: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral.
Tuck: L6 Barbarian, Neutral.
Xanthos: L7 Cleric, Mendicant, Lawful.

Hench (others were brought but did not dungeoneer for XP)
Einar: Magos (Mage 4), Thiefos (Thief 2)
Tuck: Duck (L? Class?), Ye (L? Bard)
Xanthos: Agenor (Fighter 5), Tigga (Phase Tigga 6HD)

XP For Treasure:33,025
XP for Kills: 2,850
XP for Magic Items: 0
Total Pool: 35,875
Total Cuts: 18
PC Cut: 3,986
Hench Cut: 1,993

Session Report

I am writing this session report over a week after it was played so my memory may be fuzzy. However I feel this report has something to offer since it was nearly completely NoPrep and the random charts and rolling helped inspire me to create and give exposition on some major world-building of the Immortals scale. 

For months now the Dubzaron campaign has been slouching towards Ragnarok. Last summer I was chatting with Kyle Oconner (Patron) about how his witch got her soul eaten by the evil sword/demigod Stormbringer during Operation Muscle Thunder. This event set off a chain of deeper events within the BROSR multiverse (along with BROvenloft) wherin Mr Wargaming was asked (demanded of) to run a cosmic war for the Fate of Stormbringer. The links in this paragraph will lead you to some of the most incredible D&D content and moments that anyone has ever done. Or as the #BROSR calls it, Tuesday.

During my talks with Kyle we were also wondering what more could be done with Queens Rest Mountain; the extremely high level dungeon inside a volcano at the edge of his domain. The Necromancer Queen who was in torpor in the place woke up last year and split; she's assumed to be deep in the Wastes growing an undead army. 

(The NPC and Dungeon is based on ACKS "Sepulcher of the Sorceress Queen" module. I recommend it if you are a module enjoyer with a high level party you're having trouble challenging.)

Since the dungeon is empty of its original stocking I've been restocking it on the fly with the random encounter charts from the Fiend Folio. This has made the place very deadly and very very strange.

So what more could be done with the dungeon? How about an interplanar war? Yes! I told Kyle I loved the idea of perhaps bringing a Neutral pantheon to the world of Dubzaron. ACKS's pantheon is a nice Not-Rome group that works well for its three point alignment but, for my money, there's a big hole for the Neutral barbarian sorts. One can assume they do ancestor worship and maybe like the nature and war gods of ACKS just fine. But one can also break out the AD&D Deities and Demigods book and think "wow the Norse pantheon rules".

So after this conversation with Kyle last year I've been dropping hints here and there about the Queens Rest Mountain dungeon and how it was some focal point of a planar... something. I really didn't know or need to unless play took us further in that direction. 

Kyle wanted his witch back so he dropped a hook to go into Queens Rest Mountain to find a way to get her back... across the planes or something. Because it's me I told him "there's some Twin Peaks curtains in there somewhere which a seer says leads to Celeste your former witch". Simple.

Slowly little story points in the bog standard dungeon delving have given life to the dungeon and life to the original vague concepts. During this session, it really started to become clearer. Here's how.

They entered the front room of the dungeon and found their Cloud Giant friend Primanti laying on the floor dead. Dead as a doornail. Why?

They hadn't been back to the dungeon in a few weeks due to it spewing poisonous gas. So I decided there should be a chance something bad (or even good!) might have happened to him. I took on DM Brigadine's 2d6 method of this sort of question. 12 = great!, 9-11 = good, 6-8 = nothing happened, 3-5 = bad, 2 = TERRIBLE. It's like a B/X reaction roll. And I rolled snake eyes.

So he's not only dead but all his treasure is gone. Here's where the session magic happens. I didn't really know WHY he was dead but the players had a tracker and wanted to investigate. I think the tracker failed by looking more and more over the body they realized his big honkin neck was covered in vampire bite marks. 

Why? Because a few weeks back the found that Slenderman was lairing in this dungeon. He's a not-vampire they met on Barsoom who absconded through the portal to Dubzaron when they Escaped from Barsoom. His powers are very similar to a vampire but there appear to be something differences which we'll get to later.

Well the players know that Einar the Barbarian is charmed by Slenderman so they got on edge. How could the vampire kill their friend! Some of them wanted vengeance but they realized Einar might not help them fight (or worse!) and also realized that Slenderman has 4 ladyvamps and they would be taking 5 (FIVE) level drain (TWO LEVELS) attacks each round if Slenderman and his ladies had the standard Vampire attack routine. Yikes.

So the stage is set for one of my favorite Dubzaron big bad evil guys since The Man from Another Place or Ferigno.

In the next room however the good guys got some help. I randomly rolled up a restocking for a room they'd been through 9000 times and got some ultra powerful thing in the Fiend Folio that was essentially an archon or angel or something and Lawful Good. The plot thickens!

In the monster entry (I don't remember what the thing was called) it was described as like a colorful unicorn made of wind. Ok... and it had the ability to build wooden things at will. Oh here we go. Well in this room was an evil altar that the PCs destroyed like a year ago or more. So I determined the air unicorn was creating a Lawful Good statue where the altar once was. And the statue was of THOR!

The players investigated and the guy with knowledge skills hit his roll to determine who the statue depicted so I described all that to him. Then Xanthos started talking with the wind unicorn. Who really liked him of course because alignment matters in real D&D.

Here's where I just started giving exposition for my vague concepts of Norse stuff going on in this region. The hits that the archon shared with Xanthos and the party were something like this:

-Dubzaron world will be the field of the next battle leading to Ragnarok
-Surtur the fire giant of Jotunheim of Norse myth is falling back in the ongoing battle because Celeste the Witch (Kyle's lost witch) is there in the planes and helping the Asgardians with planning and such (Joan of Arc coded)
-Thor is leading the Asgarding host and must claim Dubzaron world for the good guys of the pantheon or Terrible Things will happen
-They're in another world right now but the battle there is winding down. What the PCs do here will impact that battle and may decide the winner and Celeste's fate.
-The twin peaks curtains are how all of this will come to dubzaron world across the bifrost bridge. They'll likely see Heimdall if they can get the curtains to work.
-Strormbringer is involved... somehow. (Audible gasps from the players.)
-the curtains are north then west (Xanthos got the nigh exact location of the thing they had been trying to find for months).
-Slenderman is between here and there in the dungeon.

The last two were more direct items they just needed to keep moving and do their PC goal. The Slenderman comment had them all groaning. Rory the Barbarian (despite being kind of dumb) started wondering out loud if may his pal Einar was charmed by Slenderman and how if they went against the vampire Einar would not help or fight them. Xanthos and Kyrandis discussed if there's something they could do while Einar assured them Slenderman is great, a good friend, no problem. 

The next room had the giant statue of the Necromancer Queen which needed the Scepter and Orb placed in her hands to open to the next room. The party took months collecting these items and finally placed them to open the door (even though Einar almost broke the Orb dropping it during his climb up the statue).

And right there in the next room was Slenderman and his 4 dames. They were doing some swing dancing to a ghostly band in a giant sepulcher room with beautiful coffins for each of them. 

"So nice to see you Einar!" 
"You too man!" the barbarian replied "but you haven't been lifting! Look at your spindly arms!"

It went on this way with the two "friends" chatting it up as all the rest of the party stood awkwardly and Xanthos and Kryandis angrily held their tongue and damaged their cleric class grades.

Slenderman had a positive reaction check with the party arriving at his new much fancier lair (filled with the Cloud Giant's lair treasure, natch) and allowed them to search for secret doors to get to the curtain room.

Finding this secret door took them to another room where they fought a cloaker (thanks Fiend Folio!). The room had a big treasure haul of like 6,000 platinum pieces which they gathered up. Then finally to the room with the purple twin peaks curtains.

The curtains moved like the little room was fool of wind even though it most certainly wasn't. On the opposite wall was a mural of the Asgardians fighting with the Jutenheim giants and Celeste by Thor's side.  More hints at DM Dubs' vague worldbuilding. In play I changed the mural from being an ACKS focused one. Using a module's map and general room concepts for your own material is that easy.

The party debated going into the curtains or not and ended up voting on "not". Most of them believed they may get in a fight with Slenderman's crew and they wanted to have game time to deal with that. Also they were doing the math on their score of the platinum pieces (and some other smaller score I've forgotten about) and wanted to secure their level and cash for training. 

Only Rory's player was really pumped to open the curtains and made his opinion known despite falling in line behind the overall decision.

On the way back out Slenderman was still happy to see the party and grilled Einar for information about the twin peaks curtains, getting their general location. "I think I'll check out those curtains," the vampire replied. "No need to that," Einar tried to convince him to no avail. "Oh I'm looking at them," he said between lindy hops.

The party escaped the dungeon and got back across the wilderness to a safe spot without further impactful encounters.

But they did debate what they could do about Slenderman. How can they remove Einar's charm or curse or whatever. Would Slenderman just start the Ragnarok himself? How would he be involved? Would he find a good enough follow for his flawless lead?

DM Musings

This was alot. I'm sure most of you didn't follow all the years of worldbuilding implicit in the above or why it's so important. The worldbuilding is important because it was almost all done IN PLAY so at least some of the players at the table each week care about some of it. It's not all just in the DMs head where he ponders how great his ideas and personal immersion is.

It's also important because I hope this will show you why Gygax states in the forward to the AD&D Deities and Demigods book that it's "obvious to anyone who plays D&D why this book is important". I'm paraphrasing. 

Just reading D&Dg likely won't instill understanding of its importance. Playing D&D will. It's an absolutely necessary addition to real D&D campaigns. 

The above information is also important because one of my gaming goals with all this is to have it all lead to a MAX LEVEL Battle Braunstein. In ACKS that's level 14. Guys like Kyle Oconner and Drakon Invictus need a real game to play, not just solitaire. But max level lads like them (and Macho Mandalf if you're talking about Trollopulous) need AND DESERVE something earth shattering. Something incredible. Something epic and campaign shaking. 

They need Ragnarok. And it’s coming. 

Class Grades

Einar: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral. Grade: E. Dealt Death
George (of the Jungle): L5 Beastmaster, Lawful. Grade: E. Tracked and did his part in combat.
Kyrandis L2 Wonder-Worker, Wrath-Bringer, Lawful. Grade: S for superior. Allowing a vampire/undead to just keep rocking it is hitting Divine Lawful spellcasters in this case due to the circumstances of Slenderman destroying a Lawful creature in the dungeon and no clear in session planning against this great evil. I understand the argument "class grade shouldn't mean suicide" but I feel its egregious enough situation (and between downtime actions of cleric-types not looking into the vampire issue) to cause a one step grade hit.
Rory: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral. Grade: E. Dealt Death.
Tuck: L6 Barbarian, Neutral. Grade: E. Did his barbarian thang.
Xanthos: L7 Cleric, Mendicant, Lawful. Grade: S for Superior. See Kyrandis above. I was also concerned about not much Divination cast but it looks like that particular slot was used. It's a shame because the conversation with the wind unicorn was great!

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Dubzaron Session 152: Hole Lotta Adventure

During this session I was actually a PC! DM Vince McMaximus was the referee and I had a blast. If you’re stuck as the foreverDM at your d&d table you really need to embrace the BROSR methods and mindset; you’ll be a PC in your own campaign world in no time. 

I made a whole twitter thread about my experience as a PC during this session you can read here. But I’d like to emphasize that I had to roll a new PC because my main PC (who would have done this session’s goal) DIED IN DOWNTIME. Worse than that, Liano the Elven Enchanter died at the hands of CThaylor the Demi-goddess when she rose from the depths and wrecked Fishton during my Battle Braunstein event! 

Liano was chilling in Fishton’s elf district and I mostly forgot about it and didn’t care that much since I rarely get to PC. So at the start of Session 152 I realized oh man Liano was on site when CThaylor was raised at the Wet Wedding and went on a rampage. I decided to let the evening’s DM decide what shot Liano would have had to escape before his house was crushed or whatever. It was deemed 50/50 and the d100 roll went against me. So I and the co-DM retconned my character death; allowing CThaylor to claim another victim! Insane. Brosr play can’t be topped.

Just read DM Vince’s session report below and find out for yourself. God bless. -DM BDubs


 - Hermes L4 Mage (Edge Wizard), Neutral

1 MD CAV(Bob)

    Valor Cleric 6 Undead Slayer Lawful

    Honor Paladin 5 Gallant Lawful

    Esmerelda Mage 5 Warmage Lawful


    Wolf Eye 1st lvl elven ranger

Arcanist Avenger: L1 Elven Nightblade, Lawful

Platoon vet horse arch 

Platoon nomad horse arch

Session report:

The crew set out early morning of May 8th from FOB Dina 1 en route to FOB Dina 2 which was newly established thanks to the clearing operation this same crew did a while back.  Apparently (due to this odd fixation with Queen’s Rest) this crew likes hanging out with nomads drinking mares milk all day.

Because it is apparently not known about Dina and the Brovenmaidens..they are a group of lady fighters from Brovenloft.  What? Are they like Amazons or something.  NO! This is far stupider!  Because Eddie the Lich, during the original Brovenloft, sent every fighting age male to fight along side hordes of skeleton warriors to sack the Elf King’s Kabul Castle…all the fighting age males ended up in Red Frontier when they got World War Wished out of the Papal Solar attack in Elven Kandahar…

Later the next day, when Eddie’s Bass Pro Shop pyramid got bombed by the same Solars, he used what ended up being his final wish to make a company of fighting age females L1 fighters so they could use the platoon of tanks the Red Frontier mage, Boldvay, brought with him to Brovenloft, in order to be used on the assault of the Count’s Castle Brovenloft.  They Brovenmaidens (Eddie the Lich, iron maiden, brovenloft…you see?) Were led into battle by a one Smokey the Bugbear into the battle at what was called, in their journals: Sesylvaniagrad.  Captured by the Elf King, they were all treated hospitably after the impressive slaying of 1000 hippogriff riders and handing the “pope” the greatest PR defeat in Brovenhistory…circuitously, Smokey and Jake the Snake Roberts brought the Brovenmaidens with them back to Dubzaron.

Dina is their leader and hunched to Vince…thus the memetic importance of naming the FOBs “Dina”.  #BROSRLore

Anyway, the party met some more nomads in the night.  I rolled to see if these nomads knew the nomads that were already friends with 80% chance they were different.  I rolled in like the 90s…so they’re boys.  They keep going.

The important thing that happened was when they found a hole in the ground.  This hole is in the ground because of the results of the ACKS II wilderness travel rules.  They’re super cool.  The result was technically a “portal”…Well Dubs now STRICTLY controls the goings and comings to and from his precious little Dubzaron via the Black Lodge (I don’t blame him).  Therefore I decided to stick it to him by hollowing out his whole planet.  But the players don’t know that…they only guess it.

After nervously exploring around the hole, they finally got creative and figured out a way to float down this bottomless pit.  Hermes the Good Guy cast levitate on Arcanist Avenger who floated down about half a mile to discover that he saw an opening to the hole on the other side that looked like sky.  The party decided they would like to come back better prepared.

So they decided to hex clear.  They met some berserker types in a little palisade camp.  The painted their flag with a blue hand.  Honor the paladin is apparently the most charismatic dude in the Borderlands now that Vince is a good guy, and he went and convinced these guys to proclaim allegiance to Dina.  Nice!

The crew kept going and found a herd of 80 light horses munching on the grass.  The party cast “talk with animals” and appealed to the horses with the promise of oats…it almost caused a revolt of their own horses who thought they weren’t going to get any oats.  Apparently there were enough oats.  The price of oats has spiked in Turos Spen. 

There was a lot of bouncing around at this point.  Notably, they found some more Blue Hand berserkers…again this was the result of dice.  One night they got surprised by a pack of Blink Dogs.  The dogs attacked but after being given jerky by this lawful party, it turns out that the guy that got mauled by 4 dogs turns out to have been just been mauled with slobbery dog kisses by these good bois.  The pack of Golden Retrievers with visible halos blinked away in gratitude.

Eventually the party made it back to Dina 1 and had to wait for a while while Mike Tyson counted out their reward.  There are 2 platoons worth of nomads hanging out there too and are antsy about getting back to the main camp of the great Kubla Ken. The platoon leaders are Secretariat and Mannamead.  The naming convention for these horse warriors is names of famous race horses, save of course is the title of the Great Ken of the Kennhate.

So this whole session was completely no prep.  The hole itself was created by the table in the book hit from solo play that was to fulfill the conditions created in the last session.  I’ve never thrown as many 1s and 2s on encounter rolls before.  I felt good about how the session turned out from a DM perspective given that this is mostly wilderness travel.  It’s still wasn’t as good of a session as the no-prep session where the chaotic party ran into John Candy the Hill giant and ruined his life.

There were no aberrations in PC roll play.  E for everyone


XP for Treasure: 7132

XP for Captures/surrender: 2713

Total XP Pool: 9845

Cuts: 10

PC Cut: 0%: 1969

Hench Cut: 0%: 984

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Dubzaron Session 151: Securing the Orb

Time: Dungeon Delved on 05/01/2024. Travel on 05/02/2024. Rest on 05/03/2024. Actions can be taken 05/04/2024.
Bloodletter: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral.
Doc: L1 Thief, (Alignment?).
George (of the Jungle): L5 Beastmasterm Lawful.
Rory: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral.
Tuckonidas Bulk: L6 Barbarian, Neutral.
Tulsa Doom: L2 Shaman, Snake Handler, Neutral.

Bloodletter: Magos the L4 Mage
George: Fido the War Dog
Tuckonidas: Duck (L? Fighter), Ye (L? Bard)

XP for Treasure: 4,000
XP for Kills: 5,270
XP for Magic Items: 32,250
Total XP Pool: 41,520
Cuts: 16
PC Cut: 0%: 5,190   5%: 5,450   10%: 5,709
Hench Cut: 0%: 2,595   5%: 2,725   10%: 2,854

Session Report

The main parties of the campaign took a brief excursion the last few weeks to lift the Evil Muppet Curse (which they caused) back at Muppetlantis. This was mostly handled by the Dubzaron co DM Brig and he did some session reports about the curse and its lifting that I'll drop in this space soon. 

Today I'd like to talk about Session 151 of Dubzaron. 151 sessions. Good heavens can you imagine. Do the critics of the brosr have campaigns that even go into double digits? Maybe here and there. But even those flounder and die when their PCs levels go into the double digits. Because they don't know how to run real D&D. What a shame. 

If only they'd use 1:1 Jeffrogaxian Timekeeping, Patrons, and Braunstein play they could have real D&D campaigns like the BROSR. Like me, BDubs; the greatest long running DM with a current campaign still going. 

While this amazing feat of 151 sessions is mostly due to mine general greatness; I would be remiss if I didn't celebrate the many players who have made this possible. Primarily my Co DMs who kept Dubzaron going for about 6 months when I was dealing with some irl stuff: Brig, Ambrose, Vince, RM, and JB. Thank you!

Also, I'd like to thank all the players, current and former, whose excitement, passion, and engagement in the world of dubzaron kept us all ready to come back for session after session. Thank you!

I would have said all this in the session 151 session report but I had some irl stuff come up last week and had to bail. They broke the curse of muppetry without me! This is fitting since the curse itself happened without me. Once again, Mr and Mr Black Lodge Games, this felt foolishness was not my fault! 

With the muppetry out of the way and all the medium size or smaller bipeds of the world no longer made of felt; the party gathered again in the Sepia Hills to tackle the new tentpole dungeon of the campaign: Queens Rest Mountain!

They set off for the volcano on May Day, ignoring rumors of shamans and druids of the hills (in the more hidden villages) celebrating this druidic holiday with human sacrifice. I decided Patron Kyle OConner who runs this region isn't so into that part of druid faith system but turns a blind eye if it's practice is not too publicly celebrated in the deeper hills and hollows. I found this to be interesting worldbuilding but, as is the case with most all worldbuilding the DM does, the players DONT CARE.

Within a few game world hours they were at the dungeon inside a volcano. They passed by the entry room which is now controlled by a Storm Giant named Permanti who is friendly to them. He advised them that last week, during some lava floes on the outside of the mountain, the various chaos monsters he had to yeet had unnatural fiery aspects. Fiery hair and fur, breathing fire, things like that. Be careful if you delve the dungeon during a floe! 

The party has explored this place a bunch so it was a quick rundown of going three rooms north, two rooms east etc to get where they were going. Althought a made a couple random monster encounter rolls nothing hit so they got to the area they wanted to check out with no danger. Sad.

They passed through a room with a broken wall and into a hallway going north towards their assumed goal. They came upon an evil altar in a cubby with fire giants and the necromancer queen depicted on the side of it in bas relief. No one had any holy water or "Bless" spell to cleanse it so the Lawfully aligned members of the party didn't cop their nice 800 xp bump from doing so. And perhaps took a grade hit from not at least physically defacing it, stay tuned for grading below to find out!

Searching the wall behind the altar Tuck realized it was all cracked up and could be broken by someone with some strength so Bloodletter busted through it like the Koolaid man. On the other side I rolled up a random encounter of 4 vampires (lol, lmao) which I made a 30% chance was Bloodletter best from from Barsoom: Slenderman! and it was!

Bloodletter was charmed by this slightly altered version of the ACKS vampire (I won't tell you which of his abilities are changed; fog of war!) way back on Barsoom and he was happy to see his pal. The reaction roll wasn't great but Slenderman gave Bloodletter a ring, long ago, which improved his reaction with Vampires. So it was enough to make Slenderman simply vaguely annoyed.

You see, Slenderman had made this nice crypt room his new lair in the world of Dubzaron and he was enjoying some personal time with his 3 lady friends (the other 3 vampires in the encounter number roll). Surely they were up to nothing prurient, perish the thought! Slenderman was teaching them the Lindy Hop! Yes he has come to Dubzaron to spread the word of social dance; most especially swing dancing!

While Bloodletter advised Slenderman to hit the gym more to bulk up his spindly arms, the party notes 2 sarcophagi in the room with one piled high with Lair Treasure. Bloodletter made nice with his "friend", letting him know the part was in search of an Orb and Slenderman telling them it was in a room to the north. He saw it but decided to leave it be "but bring it to me for study when you acquire it". 

The party realized they revealed to much and Bloodletter made excuses. They really didn't want to give a vampire the Orb they've been trying to bag for like 4 months. So Slenderman said bring him some dwarves or other smaller slaves to rebuild the wall they broke and help him expand his lair and it was left at that. The vampire gals wanted to keep some of the party members but reaction rolls from the party deemed that Slenderman said "nah". He instead struck up his phantom Big Band and they all got back to Lindy Hopping as the party left.

The party traveled north and found a room which very clearly looked like a trap. It was huge with a magic circle in the center, a big fireplace with an Eternal Flame (magic) inside, braziers all around the room, and a big disgusting statue of a pregnant crone (thanks alot, Macris). The Orb was floating in the eternal flame.

I went to get a drink while the party discussed their plan to deal with it. Magos used ESP to read surface thoughts in the room and heard "Burn, Kill, Rest" and Tulsa asked the ancestors through Commune if an elemental was in the room "yes". and some other questions I forgot. 

The eventual plan was to tie a rope to Doc the Thief (???), let him pop off a Ward against Elemental to go in and grab the Orb. 

This plan took a while to develop with some back and forth between the thief being scared and Rory stating they were "[redacted]ing dead without a Cleric". 

But all said and done the thief was sneaking into the room, secure in the knowledge he couldn't be attacked by melee from elementals. He checked out the magic circle and saw 4 reliquaries around it made of gold worth about 1,000 each. He mentally noted that and went to the fireplace. He tried to use his sling to rope the Orb out of the fireplace. Before he could try the eternal flames burst out and lit the braziers around the room and 6 Hell Hounds (2 large, 4 smaller)  all about the room. And a massive earth elemental rose from the magic circle.

In my kindness I made surprise roll for the party (who were "set to ambush" from the doorway) to see if they could get a free round of attacks on the monsters. They could and downed one of the big hell hounds. Sadly a brazier blast out fire and healed it back up at the end of the round. 

Upon normal combat, the barbarians started attacking and beating down dogs and Bloodletter shifted focus to knocking over braziers so the dogs couldn't be healed back up. Doc tried to get out of the room with Duck shadowing to hopefully protect him. Magos put 2 of the smaller hell hounds to sleep which made them unable to be healed back up by braziers; taking them off the board. 

The elemtal smashed Fido the wardog, then Ye and George. He was not able to attack Doc as per the scroll of warding and the dogs (despite chasing the thief) never got an attack off on him because he won initiative at the right times. 

The combat took a while but that was most of the content. When all was said and done the party had a few beat up and beat down members. Upon triage all the fallen members (iirc) were able to get back up as walking wounded.

Doc, during the battle, had escaped back down the hallway. As this was very close to where they had encountered Slenderman I made a wandering monster check to see if he'd mosey along to check out the proceedings. The answer was yes. So he popped right next to Doc and used his charming gaze on the thief. Failing his Save Vs Spells, the thief found Slenderman to be his best pal in the world! So they went back to practice some swing dance and Slenderman pocketed the Orb.

Tuck's player was heard on mic "I [redacted]ing hate Queens Rest Mountain". 

While the party triaged the fallen comrades Bloodletter went to see if he could convince Slenderman to give Doc and the Orb back. Generally the reaction rolls favored the party so Slenderman said "this Orb isn't even magical, it's junk! But my ladies would like to eat the thief" to which Bloodletter replied "that's fine as long as you give me the Orb". 

As the ladies approached to kill Doc I allowed him to try and talk his way out of it and the Reaction Roll dice were kind again. They decided he was "too weak to eat yet; let him level a bit and come back". Doc agreed to that plan.

Upon returning to the big battle room Doc noticed a small gold key in the fireplace and Bloodletter reached into the flame to take it out, taking 3 damage. That would have killed the thief. 

They opened a door on the north wall and came to a room with a magic furnace anvil thing and shelves full of magic items. They bagged those, making nice XP, and left the dungeon. They traveled all the way back to the city of Claymore Crossing to have the items identified and split them up among the party. They were as follows:

Staff of Healing, Wand of Fireballs, Shield +2, Shortsword of Light +2, 5 crossbow bolts +3, 24 arrows +1, 27 crossbow bolts +1. 

So what will they do now that they have the Orb and Scepter? They believe it will open the door to the Twin Peaks curtain quest that Kyle Oconner gave them like a year ago. Will it? Will they die in the attempt? Find out next time!

PC Class Grades
Bloodletter: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral. E for Excellent. Dealt death and played up his charmed friendship with Slenderman.
Doc: L1 Thief, (Alignment?). S for Superior. Failed to try and grab a little something extra for himself from Slenderman's lair or the magic circle room.
George (of the Jungle): L5 Beastmasterm Lawful. E for excellent. Didn't back out of battle. Tried to set ambush. Attempted to track.
Rory: L6 Barbarian, Death Dealer, Neutral. E for excellent. Dealt death and didn't flee from combat.
Tuckonidas Bulk: L6 Barbarian, Neutral. E for excellent, bold and didn't flee from combat.
Tulsa Doom: L2 Shaman, Snake Handler, Neutral. E for good healing and using commune. 

How to Total NonStop Braunstein your Traveler Campaign

"We have tried to make these rules as complete as possible, with provisions for both solitaire and unsupervised play". - Traveler ...