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Dubzaron Session 152: Hole Lotta Adventure

During this session I was actually a PC! DM Vince McMaximus was the referee and I had a blast. If you’re stuck as the foreverDM at your d&d table you really need to embrace the BROSR methods and mindset; you’ll be a PC in your own campaign world in no time. 

I made a whole twitter thread about my experience as a PC during this session you can read here. But I’d like to emphasize that I had to roll a new PC because my main PC (who would have done this session’s goal) DIED IN DOWNTIME. Worse than that, Liano the Elven Enchanter died at the hands of CThaylor the Demi-goddess when she rose from the depths and wrecked Fishton during my Battle Braunstein event! 

Liano was chilling in Fishton’s elf district and I mostly forgot about it and didn’t care that much since I rarely get to PC. So at the start of Session 152 I realized oh man Liano was on site when CThaylor was raised at the Wet Wedding and went on a rampage. I decided to let the evening’s DM decide what shot Liano would have had to escape before his house was crushed or whatever. It was deemed 50/50 and the d100 roll went against me. So I and the co-DM retconned my character death; allowing CThaylor to claim another victim! Insane. Brosr play can’t be topped.

Just read DM Vince’s session report below and find out for yourself. God bless. -DM BDubs


 - Hermes L4 Mage (Edge Wizard), Neutral

1 MD CAV(Bob)

    Valor Cleric 6 Undead Slayer Lawful

    Honor Paladin 5 Gallant Lawful

    Esmerelda Mage 5 Warmage Lawful


    Wolf Eye 1st lvl elven ranger

Arcanist Avenger: L1 Elven Nightblade, Lawful

Platoon vet horse arch 

Platoon nomad horse arch

Session report:

The crew set out early morning of May 8th from FOB Dina 1 en route to FOB Dina 2 which was newly established thanks to the clearing operation this same crew did a while back.  Apparently (due to this odd fixation with Queen’s Rest) this crew likes hanging out with nomads drinking mares milk all day.

Because it is apparently not known about Dina and the Brovenmaidens..they are a group of lady fighters from Brovenloft.  What? Are they like Amazons or something.  NO! This is far stupider!  Because Eddie the Lich, during the original Brovenloft, sent every fighting age male to fight along side hordes of skeleton warriors to sack the Elf King’s Kabul Castle…all the fighting age males ended up in Red Frontier when they got World War Wished out of the Papal Solar attack in Elven Kandahar…

Later the next day, when Eddie’s Bass Pro Shop pyramid got bombed by the same Solars, he used what ended up being his final wish to make a company of fighting age females L1 fighters so they could use the platoon of tanks the Red Frontier mage, Boldvay, brought with him to Brovenloft, in order to be used on the assault of the Count’s Castle Brovenloft.  They Brovenmaidens (Eddie the Lich, iron maiden, brovenloft…you see?) Were led into battle by a one Smokey the Bugbear into the battle at what was called, in their journals: Sesylvaniagrad.  Captured by the Elf King, they were all treated hospitably after the impressive slaying of 1000 hippogriff riders and handing the “pope” the greatest PR defeat in Brovenhistory…circuitously, Smokey and Jake the Snake Roberts brought the Brovenmaidens with them back to Dubzaron.

Dina is their leader and hunched to Vince…thus the memetic importance of naming the FOBs “Dina”.  #BROSRLore

Anyway, the party met some more nomads in the night.  I rolled to see if these nomads knew the nomads that were already friends with 80% chance they were different.  I rolled in like the 90s…so they’re boys.  They keep going.

The important thing that happened was when they found a hole in the ground.  This hole is in the ground because of the results of the ACKS II wilderness travel rules.  They’re super cool.  The result was technically a “portal”…Well Dubs now STRICTLY controls the goings and comings to and from his precious little Dubzaron via the Black Lodge (I don’t blame him).  Therefore I decided to stick it to him by hollowing out his whole planet.  But the players don’t know that…they only guess it.

After nervously exploring around the hole, they finally got creative and figured out a way to float down this bottomless pit.  Hermes the Good Guy cast levitate on Arcanist Avenger who floated down about half a mile to discover that he saw an opening to the hole on the other side that looked like sky.  The party decided they would like to come back better prepared.

So they decided to hex clear.  They met some berserker types in a little palisade camp.  The painted their flag with a blue hand.  Honor the paladin is apparently the most charismatic dude in the Borderlands now that Vince is a good guy, and he went and convinced these guys to proclaim allegiance to Dina.  Nice!

The crew kept going and found a herd of 80 light horses munching on the grass.  The party cast “talk with animals” and appealed to the horses with the promise of oats…it almost caused a revolt of their own horses who thought they weren’t going to get any oats.  Apparently there were enough oats.  The price of oats has spiked in Turos Spen. 

There was a lot of bouncing around at this point.  Notably, they found some more Blue Hand berserkers…again this was the result of dice.  One night they got surprised by a pack of Blink Dogs.  The dogs attacked but after being given jerky by this lawful party, it turns out that the guy that got mauled by 4 dogs turns out to have been just been mauled with slobbery dog kisses by these good bois.  The pack of Golden Retrievers with visible halos blinked away in gratitude.

Eventually the party made it back to Dina 1 and had to wait for a while while Mike Tyson counted out their reward.  There are 2 platoons worth of nomads hanging out there too and are antsy about getting back to the main camp of the great Kubla Ken. The platoon leaders are Secretariat and Mannamead.  The naming convention for these horse warriors is names of famous race horses, save of course is the title of the Great Ken of the Kennhate.

So this whole session was completely no prep.  The hole itself was created by the table in the book hit from solo play that was to fulfill the conditions created in the last session.  I’ve never thrown as many 1s and 2s on encounter rolls before.  I felt good about how the session turned out from a DM perspective given that this is mostly wilderness travel.  It’s still wasn’t as good of a session as the no-prep session where the chaotic party ran into John Candy the Hill giant and ruined his life.

There were no aberrations in PC roll play.  E for everyone


XP for Treasure: 7132

XP for Captures/surrender: 2713

Total XP Pool: 9845

Cuts: 10

PC Cut: 0%: 1969

Hench Cut: 0%: 984

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