Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Curse of Lamalla: Cross Campaign D&D Event

There's alot going on in the BROSR. And much of it is revolving around the evil demi-god turned sword: Stormbringer.  

I started to write the whole brosr history of the sword from Michael' Moorcock's much loved grimdark fantasy series but I changed my mind. The main thing to know this last month or so is my good e-friend Mr Wargaming has been running a cosmic wargame on his yout00bbz channel to decide the #FateOfStormbringer 

You can check that out here, focusing on the first couple videos in the series where he breaks down most of the history of brosr version of Stormbringer, including his take on Operation Muscle Thunder (a massive Dubzaron campaign event.)

Spoilers ahead for the Fate Of Stormbringer. If you want to watch Mr Wargaming's videos and be surprised and delighted, stop reading now.

Have you stopped?

I'm still waiting.

Ok good.

Today on 10/11/22 the Fate of Stormbringer was decided with Mr Wargaming's megapiles of d6s and tiny pewter figures. Instead of the god of death Bel grabbing Stormbringer and plunging it into the heart of the Dubzaron sun, it was secured by the evil crabby sea goddess Blipbloop, otherwise known as Lamalla in the Dubzaron campaign setting.

If you know anything about Operation Muscle Thunder you know that Stormbringer's soul sucking power became kind of unstable after wrecking the weirding witch named Celeste; a major henchwoman of the barbarian Patron named Kyle O'Conner. Seems she's been around for 10 generations in Kyle's family but has never aged. No one knows why but she most certainly has a weirding power.

When Lamalla decided to just keep Stormbringer, Gollum style, something cracked. Her aspects were flung into all the BROSR campaigns. She turned against Bel's plan to stab Ammonar (the sun) because really, do evil deities play nice together? Press X for "Doubt".

Here's what I tweeted this morning which got all the various brosr private chats buzzing with Patron and PC plans and freakouts.

"What means?!" the players all wanted to know. Or "lol dubs just trying to screw over our campaigns". Yes.

I was going to leave it at that since I believe all the information one needs about the #CurseOfLamalla is perfectly understandable in that thread which you can read here

But this cross campaign event has grown. Mr Wargaming asked me to do a blog post about the rules and concept that his loyal (and I'm sure intelligent and well groomed) fans could be linked to. Well here it is.

The bottom line is simple. If you are running a 1:1 time D&D campaign which the BROSR approves of or you can make an argument is BROSR adjacent, you can be part of this cross campaign event. The MCU has nothing on us.

All you have to do is let your players patrons know that Dubs' insane blood-rain story tweets apply to your campaign. Shoot them a link to the thread. 

Then what? Well the curse lasts for 6 months in ALL the campaigns. Unless some good guy points can be earned. Each good guy point removes 1 month. Each bad guy point from antagonistic Patrons/PCs earns 1 bad guy point. So the time frame of the curse will slide up and down until 6 months passes or the points are +6.

What qualifies as a good guy point in your game is up to your DM. It should be focused on the fact that Lamalla has the sea cr
eatures running insane, attacking ships and shorelines, that blood rains from the sky and is ruining crops. 

Perhaps your PCs delve a lost temple of Lamalla and find her aspect there and simply kill it. Perhaps they learn the leader of their major city is a Lamalla cultist and they assassinate him. Perhaps they go to a desert island with giant octopi scouring across it and do sea combat fleet battles. 

It's whatever your campaign can dream up with these themes: blood rain, blood ocean/rivers, insane sea creatures, dark red mist clouds, crazy fish/crab goddess, STORMBRINGER.


Until the curse runs it's course your campaign world must needs apply the following modifications which are found in this tweet thread. These are not ALL the possible problems or modifications. Your DM is free to add anything else to this event as he sees fit. It's my understanding one campaign already had a major Fish-Goddess storyline rolling so he just accellerated and added to it when he decided to rock the #CurseOfLamalla on his campaign.

How do you claim your points?

The BROSR needs receipts! Your points (for and against Lamalla) are applied when there is a session report posted about you tackling and succeeded at some related problem in your campaign. I'd prefer a blog then maybe you can find me on twi111ler and @ me the link. But Mr Wargaming and I have also considered a live tweet thread about the session where the DM signs off and says "yes that happened" (since PCs notoriously exaggerate their greatness in PC focused session reports).

The BROSR has already confirmed the following campaigns as part of this multiverse event: Dubzaron (ofc), BROvenloft, Trollopulous, Red Frontier and Living Urf. 

You can join us and help take Lamalla down and decide the Fate of Stormbringer once and for all.

Update 10/28/22:

Lamalla is taking some hits and getting a bit more desperate for Chaotic and Evil Patrons and PCs on her side. She's offering powers undreamed of that score "bad guy" points for her, including a powerful Trident artifact the Trident of Lamalla, a host of sea creatures, and a castle beneath the waves. 

Click this link for more information!


  1. BROSR-adjacent Wampus Country is in as well.

  2. BROSR Aligned Make Adventuring Great Again slips into this fine silk kimono.

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  4. Aurus, running a mix of AD&D rules and Godbound skill word characters has lost most of the "Atlantic coast" to Lamalla, and Jordaneticus the Lord of Lobsters. Patron player of King Rodrick immediately swore himself, his kingdom, and the blood mages of the realm to her dread cause. The world is in chaos, all is well.


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